For first time in KSA,

Al Rajhi Bank keyboard (Beta Version)*… The modern way to transfer money easily and securely while using social media applications.

Al Rajhi Bank introduces “Al Rajhi Bank Keyboard” as a new service that saves your time and makes transferring money easier for you while using social media applications like WhatsApp, Twitter and others. It is a completely safe & secure way to transfer your money.

Find out more about the features of Al Rajhi Bank keyboard application.

You can start using the service after downloading the application & following the below steps:

  • Install the application & login using Al Mubasher Retail credentials.
  • Give permission to setup Al Rajhi Bank Keyboard as one of the operating system keyboards
  • Select the default account to be used for transfer (First Time Only)
  • Switch to Al Rajhi Bank Keyboard while using any of the social media platforms & send your money instantly after inserting Al Mubasher Retail credentials.

Features of Al Rajhi Bank Keyboard Application

  • Transfer to your added beneficiaries easily using any social media application without terminating the chatting session.
  • Transfer to local and international banks
  • Send an instant message to the beneficiary.
  • It is an easy and secure way to send your money.
  • Sharing account number and IBAN

* Currently is it available for Android devices only


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