eCommerce :

Al Rajhi Bank seeks to always provide its clients with new innovative banking products using the best technologies available in the market. We are aware that the market consists largely of youth, which represent over 60% of the total population. Hence the urgent need to set up a separate e-shop in each establishment.

And since Al Rajhi is considered the largest facility providing personal banking services (with more than 6 million personal clients) in KSA, it realizes its responsibility to provide the safest infrastructure and payment mechanisms to fulfill the requirements of all types of personal e-shops.

Al Rajhi Bank offers your e-shop electronic payment solutions to ensure that each Your Products/Services client is able to shop online.

  • SADAD Payment System (SADAD Account).
  • Online Payment (Visa, MasterCard).

E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors, with a total electronic commercial transactions value in the KSA in 2015 of 1,500,000,000 SAR and an annual growth rate of 30% of trade volume.

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Types of Online Payment

Al Rajhi Bank offers two distinct services that allow merchants to make online trade transactions with beneficiaries. These are:

  • Online Payment Gateway:

    A service that allows merchants to receive payments through credit cards issued around the world. The Online Payment Gateway is secure; Al Rajhi uses fraud prevention software to provide its clients with a safe trade environment

    Payment through the Online Payment Gateway starts when the beneficiary inserts credit card information in the payment page on the website. The card information is then sent to the bank that has issued the card to verify the data and remaining balance. If the information inserted by the beneficiary is correct, and the balance is enough, transaction proceeds. The merchant is then notified in order to complete the transaction. Time required to verify the information and balance and notify the merchant of the details does not exceed 5 seconds.

  • SADAD Safe Online Payment: