Saving and Protection Plan

Everyone has goals that they want to achieve for themselves, or for their family members.

Some of these goals need some financial support whether it’s saving for our children’s future education, marriage, planning for retirement, buying a new car, building a new house or even starting a new business

If you are interested on Saving and Protection Program, please fill this application  then print and submit it to your nearest branch

Unfortunately saving for these goals are often put-off as immediate priorities come in such as bills, and unexpected expenses that always takes higher priority.

To help you start saving so you can achieve your goals, we are presenting “Saving & Protection Plans“ for Al Rajhi Bank customers which are presented by Al Rajhi Takaful Company.

The Saving and Protection plan provides a way to invest regular contributions in a simple and cost effective manner starting from only 300 SAR per month. These funds allow your investing decisions to be in hands of professionals.

There are many great reasons to start saving, here are a few:

  • Helping you to accumulate long term savings in a Sharia’h compliant investment funds to achieve your goals.
  • Easy access to professional fund management, to achieve long term growth starting from 300 SR per month.
  • In the event of death or disability, Al Rajhi Takaful will pay a sum equal to the amount you would have saved over the full term of your plan or higher if you insured for a higher amount.

Al Rajhi Takaful Company has developed the product and now is presenting through 4 packages to simplify the product & it’s benefits to the client, 4 packages will be as follow:

You can choose from the following packages:

Package Monthly Contribution in S.R Protection Amount in S.R* 10 Years 15 Years 20 Years
Silver Package 300 50,000 41,498 71,974 110,936
Golden Package 500 90,000 69,024 119,632 184,488
Platinum Package 1,000 125,000 139,191 241,556 371,745
Elite Package 3,000 400,000 445,410 772,978 1,189,584

Total Accumulated investment amount at maturity date in S.A.R**

* Protection amount shall be paid in case of death or disability – “God forbid”

**All above amounts are calculated based on follow:

  • Annual annual investment return according to the performance of the investment fund.
  • Client’s age is 35 years, amounts shall be changed due to change in client’s age.
  • All amounts are NET amounts after deducting all administration fees & Zakat.