Travel Insurance for individu​als

In a world of intersected interests, travel has become, for most of us, an integral part of our contemporary life. With constant travelling, it is rare that we do not face, during our international journeys, some uncontrolled inconveniences such as, a delayed flight or luggage loss or (God Forbid) the necessity to undergo an emergency medical treatment. To avoid such situations, and based on the Islamic concept of taking reasons into consideration, we, at Al Rajhi Takaful, bring to you Travel Insurance for individuals. This program is tailored to grant you several comprehensive benefits and support to face unexpected events during travel and to make sure you enjoy your journey without worries.

  • Travel Insurance Benefits

    One of the main benefits of this program is the most sophisticated system of managing data to make sure you get the best level of insurance services that you aim for. In case you need coverage to your requirement, we are able to offer them to you through the variable packages included in the program.

    • Coverage is valid in all countries worldwide
    • Policy is valid for all the flights coming in and going out of the Kingdom
    • Coverage includes internal flights, which are part of an international flight
    • Monthly fixed income in case of total or partial disability
    • Coverage starts immediately after paying the subscription and issuing the policy
    • Hot line to help you around the clock, all year long
  • What is Insurance?
    • Insurance is an Islamic insurance based on the principle of cooperation between a group of individuals facing coherent risks and sharing collectively the same consequences.
    • Insurance contract is characterized by being free of the “Gharar” concept, which is prohibited by Shariah.
    • With Takaful, the company’s role is exclusively based on managing the business related to it. However, with conventional insurance, the company also guarantees all the obligations resulting from insurance.
    • Takaful Company, in all its treatments, abides by the Islamic Shariah under the supervision of a legitimate jury of elite Shariah scholars.
  • How much the coverage will cost you?
  • Travel Insurance tariff
  • Travel Insurance covers
  • Claims Procedures
  • How Can I Subscribe