Security Tips

As part of our ongoing commitment to easier and safer banking, we would like to remind you that: You should not, under any circumstances, give out your bank password or one-time password (SMS OTP) to anyone. Kindly note that Al Rajhi Bank would never request this information by contacting you via telephone, SMS or e-mails.

In addition, be aware of the following:

  • Never accept instructions or directions to visit an ATM or log onto online banking (Al Mubasher) from anyone
  • Never disclose your password or one-time password (OTP) to callers
  • Required updates to banking details should be done exclusively by you through an Al Rajhi Bank branch, online banking and/or telephone banking
  • Protecting Your Credit / Debit Card
  • Protecting Your Card PIN
  • Security Tips For Online Shopping
  • Security Tips For Online Banking
  • Tips To Reduce Card Frauds
  • Tips For Using ATMs
  • Tips For Overseas Transactions