SME Point of Sale (POS)​

POS service is the Electronic Funds Transfer System, where you can pay for your purchases from any exhibition has a POS service using debit cards and credit cards.

The national network of electronic point of sale (MADA) to transfer the required amount from your POS device to the your account, as long as these accounts within the Saudi Payments Network (MADA), network​ GCC, MasterCard and Visa.

We are the pioneers of the provision of a wider network of selling points in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through our operating ​for more than 45,000 point of sale device operating in various parts of the Kingdom.

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Features and Benefits

  • verification of the balance before you buy
  • Communicate with the largest network stations
  • Communicate with all major networks Arabia network, network GCC, MasterCard and Visa.
  • Provide maintenance terminals and supplies
  • 6 regional offices to provide support in all parts of the Kingdom
  • FREE customer service phone 24/7
  • get the money in your account immediately after making the reconciliation process from the POS device only for (MADA).
  • Installation within 5 business days maximum begin after the confirmation of the validity of data demand and adoption.


  • An account with Al Rajhi Bank

How to Subscribe

It is very easy to subscribe to this service. And find out more please contact the director of banking relationships. For more information, please contact us at: