Taking care of your stakeholders together.

We appreciate the importance of keeping your shareholders happy which is why our Dividend Distribution Service offers structured solutions to assist you in optimizing dividend payments.

Our Dividend Distribution team is proficient in coordinating and organizing the distribution of dividends by internal transfer, SARIE, cheques or at branch counters saving you unnecessary administrative costs.

  1. Prompt payments on dividend dates
  2. Reduced administrative costs
  3. Updated shareholder records

More benefits related to our Dividend
Distribution service

  • Credibility and prestige

    Rely on us to take care of all your Dividend Distribution needs through the largest branch network with the largest number of account holders.

  • Efficient payments to account and non account holders

    Save time and money by allowing us to make (single and/or multiple) payments to non-account holders through branch counters for you.

  • Provision of historical payment data

    Cut your admin costs by availing of our convenient outstanding payment reconciliation and historical payment data.

How To Apply

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  • Small businesses, establishments, Limited liability companies (LLC) and private companies

Required Documents

  • Service Agreement


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