Cash Management Service

Our Cash Management Service Has the Fastest Year on Year Growth Rate of 100%

Al Rajhi Cash Management Services is designed to help you manage and optimize your cash flows and working capital, providing you with the time and means to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Our Cash Management division is constantly updated with the latest trends and changes in the financial industry; hence we are able to continually offer you the latest, most innovative products and services. And what’s more, our innovative Cash Management Services grant you the convenience of organizing and monitoring your company’s cash position at anytime and from anywhere, ensuring efficient management of your cash flow and liquidity.

We ensure you get the priority you dese​rve in every aspect of our service; therefore our Cash Management Services not only help save your time, money and effort, but also provide you with a secured environment for your business information. You can rest assured that your financial information is safe as we employ the latest encryption methods and adhere to the strictest security practices.

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  • Sharia Complaint Financing
  • Competitive Annual Percentage Rate
  • Ability to finance the advance payment
  • Ability to delay the finance principle and deduct part of the monthly installment (profits only) during the construction period up to a maximum of 24 months
  • Step up financing solution on various products.
  • Military support feature for the advance payment is up to SR 140,000 according to the admission criteria of the program
  • Civil support for advance payments of up to SR 140,000 (age 50 and over) according to the admission criteria of the program
  • Calculate the amount of residential support as part of the customer's income
  • Annual Percentage Rate starts from 5.82% for Ijarah products
  • Management fees equal to 1% of finance amount or SAR 5,000 whichever is less

Terms and Conditions

  • Shariah Compliant

    All of our programs are approved and monitored by Al Rajhi Bank's Shariah Board.

  • Borrowing Power

    The first step is to explore is the amount you can borrow. Typically, finance for an Investment Property is up to 5 times the annual income or rental of the property. If you use the additional annual to repay the loan, then you can borrow a larger amount.

  • Property Conditions

    Must be under 20 years old, fully constructed and have an independent title deed. The property should be located within an urban setting and be priced between SAR 1 million - 5 million.

How To Apply

  • Please visit your nearest Al Rajhi Bank Branch
  • Call us at 8001241222
  • Apply Online
  • Terms and Conditions
  • For Saudi citizens only.
  • For government and private sectors which are approved by the bank.
  • Terms & Conditions of Al Rajhi Bank will Apply.

The bank is controlled and supervised by SAMA


Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What happens if I want to sell the property before the financing is paid off?
    You would need to make an immediate repayment of the principle outstanding amount by way of early settlement and we would transfer the title in your name or to the person you requested.