2019 Annual Report

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2019 at a glance

Customer deposits
(SAR Billion)

2019: SAR 312

2018: SAR 293

Increase: 6.3%

Total assets
(SAR Billion)

2019: SAR 384

2018: SAR 364

Increase: 5.5%

Earnings per share

2019: SAR 4.06

2018: SAR 1.51

Increase: 169%

Net income (after Zakat)
(SAR Billion)

2019: SAR 10,159

2018: SAR 3,768

Increase: 170%

Total capital adequacy ratio (%)

2019: 19.9%

2018: 20.20%

manual ratio

2019: SAR 67:33

2018: SAR 56:44

Staff strength

2019: 13,146

Saudization rate (%)

2019: 96%

Largest Islamic Bank worldwide
By assets and market capitalization

In retail bank in the Middle East
In retail deposits and income

In Distribution network in the Middle East By number of branches, POS, ATMs and remittance centres

In banking transactions in KSA
4 of 10 transactions in KSA

As a Bank brand in KSA
Brand Power Score

In banking sector in NPS in KSA


Chairman’s Statement

As the Kingdom forges ahead with its bold plans for socio-economic development and diversification, encapsulated in the Saudi Vision 2030, Al Rajhi Bank has aligned its strategy with the needs of the nation.

In what has been yet another record year, Al Rajhi Bank continued to deliver significant growth across its constituent business groups and branches. Despite the complex dynamics at work in across our sector and markets, the Bank’s net income for 2019 increased to SAR 10,159 million compared to SAR 3,768 million in 2018.

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CEO’s Message

Al Rajhi Bank experienced another successful record year, continuing on its transformative journey whilst delivering superior returns and value for our shareholders, customers and staff – a journey that mirrors the changes being experienced across the Kingdom.

This progress is also a testament to the success of our ABCDE strategy that has guided our development in recent years and brought consistently strong financial and non-financial results, with operating income increasing by 41.75% between 2015 and 2019 and net profit by 42.46% over the same period.

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Accelerate growth

Grow mortgage, private sector, affluent, ladies and Tahweel

Enhance SME and corporate capabilities

Enhance International presence

Improve yields

Exceed industry

Engaged workforce

Expand development and training programmes

Strengthen diversity

Enhance employee value proposition

Higher engagement

Update value propositions

Empower frontline

Align organisation to customer advocacy

Install and embedNPS across the Bank

Most recommended

Smartly expand channels and formats

Digitise customer journeys

Migrate customers to self-service channels

Innovate in payments

Best in class

World-class compliance

Enhance IT infrastructure

Centralise and automate operations

Strengthen risk infrastructure