Unclaimed Dividends

Unclaimed Dividends

Unclaimed Dividends

In order to protect the rights of the shareholders, Al Rajhi Bank announces the inclusion a list of shareholders who have not received their dividend for previous years, on the bank’s website, via the search engine below. Each shareholder who finds his name in the list in the search engine below can call us 920003344 to be provided with the documents that must be available to complete the dividend payment process.


Furthermore, Al Rajhi Bank is calling upon the holders of shares certificates to deposit their certificates in their investment portfolios by bringing in the original certificate along with a copy of their ID cards and the investment portfolio number to:

The Securities Deposit Center ( Edaa )
6897 King Fahd Road - Al Ulaya
Unit Number: 11
Riyadh 12211 - 3388
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The nearest Al Rajhi Bank branch

Al Rajhi Bank invites shareholders with certificates, to quickly deposit their share certificates in their investment portfolios, by handing over the original certificate with a copy of the identity and the investment portfolio number to the Securities Depository Center (Edaa), or handing it over to the nearest Al Rajhi Bank branch, in order to facilitate its trading by regular methods and facilitating the deposit of any future dividend in their accounts linked to the investment portfolios.


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