Corporate Prepaid Card

Corporate Prepaid Card

Al Rajhi - Corporate Prepaid Card

The Al Rajhi Corporate Prepaid Cards offer a convenient and secure way for organizations to manage funds, control spending, and facilitate transactions. They are topped up in advance, providing businesses with enhanced control over their budgets and expenditures. Like traditional debit and credit cards they are accepted widely by merchants around the world at both point of sale and online. Prepaid cards allow your business to set spending limits on the card, monitor employee spending, and receive detailed reports of all transactions.

Cards Benefits

  • Easy Top up feature using Al Rajhi Account
  • Increased control of business expenditure by apply spending limits and transaction restrictions for cardholders & merchants
  • Issue multiple cards linked to a same company account
  • Convenient online portal to view card balances, refund balances and manage PINs easily
  • Electronic statements
  • Card Features

  • Accepted at over 30 million local & international POS including 900,000 ATMS worldwide
  • Cash Withdrawal, Local & international cash withdrawal as per your company policy
  • Near-field Communication (NFC), mada Pay, mada Atheer and Apple Pay services, make your payments by simply waving or tapping your card on the POS terminal
  • Instant Notifications, A free service that sends you a notification messages to stay on the top of your balances with ease and convenience.
  • 3D Secure, more secure than cash, 3D secure uses a verification process, one-time password for online shopping and EMV chip to protect your information.
  • Fees and Charges* 

    Corporate Card Prepaid

    200 SR

    WAIVED UNTIL 30th Nov’23

    Annual SAR 200
    International FX 2.75%
    Card Replacement SAR 50
    Dispute Resolution

    SAR 100 (only if investigation outcome is against the cardholder)

    Cash withdrawal Fee 

    SAR 75 for ARB ATM

    SAR 75 for other banks
     Loading Fee SAR 0  

     All Fees and charges listed above are excluding VAT

    Required Documents:

    1. Existing bank account with Al Rajhi bank. Don’t have an Alrajhi bank account? Create one now
    2. Fill & submit application form. Submit Now
    3. Terms & Conditions

    Does the company /corporation have an account at Al Rajhi Bank

    CR Number
    Contact #
    Product selected Prepaid Card

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is the product Sharia compliant?

    The card offered by AlRajhi bank is a fully Sharia compliant card based on Islamic principles and offers unparalleled benefits tailored to your needs.

    How can I view the transaction done with my card?

    You can view all transactions done with your card through Corporate Card Client Portal.

    How do I activate my Card once I receive it?

    Log in into the Corporate Card Client Portal and follow the user guide to set the PIN and then activate the Card.

    Are there any fees for loading balances into the Prepaid card?

    No Fees when loading your card.

    What do I do if my card is expired?

    Card will be automatically renewed a month prior to expiration date.

    Can I Unload money back to my current account?

    Yes, you can unload money back to your C/A

    What can I use my Prepaid card for?

    The charge card can be used settle regular and one-off transactions ranging from airlines, hotels, restaurants, car rentals to general suppliers' invoices.