A secure way to purchase goods

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Mada Business Card

A secure way to purchase goods

Al Rajhi mada Business Card is a current account card for sole proprietorship specially designed to meet the needs and business of those institutions. The card is issued at the request of the owner of the institution and is directly linked to the institution's current account with the bank. The card provides the holder with all services and benefits offered by mada cards for the current account.

Fees & Charges

New Issuance Free
Card Renewal Free
Re-issuance of lost or damaged card Free
Cash withdrawal (mada) Free
Balance inquiry (mada) Free
CCash withdrawal (GCC) 10 SAR
Balance Inquiry (GCC) 3 SAR
Cash Withdrawal (International) 25 SAR
Balance Inquiry (International) 3.5 SAR
Purchases through points of sale (non-GCC countries) OIF Only
OIF: (for all transactions outside the mada and GCC networks) 2.75%

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