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Business Prepaid Card

Al Rajhi Business Prepaid Card is a card product offered to business owners, linked to their Business Current Account, and can be given by the business owner (Sole Proprietor) to his/her Employees to manage their business expenses seamlessly, from day-to-day business expenses to one-off travel cost and others. The card will be issued upon business owner request and will bear the name of the Employee.

Fees and Charges:

Service Fees
Card Issuance Fee NOW Free for Life – Valid till January 31, 2022
Card Annual Fee SAR 115
Replacement Card Issuance SAR 50 
Replacement Card Issuance SAR 50
Cash Withdrawal from Al-Rajhi ATMs SAR 75
Cash Withdrawal from other Local Banks’ ATMs SAR 75 
Cash Withdrawal from other International Banks’ ATMs SAR 75 
International Transaction Service Fee




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