Corporate Charge Card

Corporate Charge Card

Cash Collection

Banking at your doorstep by providing the service of collecting money from your location at the convenient days and times suitable for you.

Cash Collection service provides a convenient and safe method to transfer the cash amounts from the Client’s premises to the Bank in regular and flexible schedules to satisfy Client’s needs; within the maximum applicable levels of money transfer protocols.


Key Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Cash collection from designated client premises.
  • Flexible collection days upon availability.
  • Same day credit for cash collected.
  • Safety of cash in transit
  • Minimize branch visits avoiding long queues/traffic
  • Service availability even during bank holidays.
  • More than 3,500 trips monthly.
  • Cash collection available in more than 33 cities in the Kingdom.
  • Largest customer base for cash pick-up.
  • Largest Cash Collections network in the Kingdom