General Clearing Membership

General Clearing Membership


General Clearing Membership is a service provided by Alrajhi Bank which aims to assist brokerage firms in managing risks and collaterals associated with their trading activity in public markets, where acting on behalf of the trading broker by carefully meeting minimum market capital requirements levels, operational and technical capabilities, and demonstrating risk management competence placed, ensuring trades are placed, matched, and cleared successfully.


  1. Collaterals Funding & Settlement Execution.
  2. Margin Calls Handling.
  3. Clearing Listed & Non-Listed Instruments.
  4. Wide Range of Accounts Structures.
  5. Real-time Positions Monitoring.
  6. Competent Risk Management and Mitigation.
  7. Flexible Credit Facilitates.
  8. Advanced & Comprehensive Reporting.


  1. Reduced Reconciliation Effort & Elimination of Reconciliation Problems.
  2. Substantial Savings in Time & Money.
  3. Digital Solution to Avoid Manual Reconciliation.
  4. Having the Ability of Creating Different Accounts Structure for Each Group of Selected Clients.

Required Documents If applied /Eligibility and Criteria

  1. Current Account Opened with Alrajhi Bank.
  2. License Issued by The Capital Market Authority.
  3. Sign the General Clearing Membership Agreement with Alrajhi Bank.

How to apply

  1. By Calling Us On 920004550
  2. By Visiting Your Nearest Business Solutions Branch