Payroll Plus

Payroll Plus

Payroll Plus



Product feature (Corporate features)

  1. Digital Bulk Current Account Opening for your Employees
  2. Seamless Payroll Management and Processing for your Employees
  3. Reduced Corp. Admin Efforts
  4. Employee Satisfaction
  5. Instant MOL feedback

Product benefits (to your employees)

  1. Easy Access to Micro Lending (new offering limited with Alrajhi bank)
  2. Local & International Transfers
  3. Access to Marketplace
  4. Rewards & Loyalty Programs (mokafaa)
  5. Zero Withdrawal Fees
  6. Digital Onboarding
  7. 24/7 Customer Service
  8. Cash deposit
  9. Acceptance in POS
  10. Available in 8 languages

    How to apply

    With few steps as below

  11. Login to eBusiness Portal and Subscribe to Payroll Plus
  12. Migrate existing payroll card employees
  13. Onboard new employee for Account Opening
  14. Select list of Employees for Payroll Processing
  15. Eligibility criteria

    Any company who have registered to E-Business can apply for Payroll plus