alrajhi Business

alrajhi Business

Al Rajhi Business

Al Rajhi Business is the online banking services designed for Corporate and SME clients. Through Al Rajhi Business clients can access and manage their bank accounts, and reach many online services for cash and liquidity management.


  • Company Admin with dual authorization.
  • Company user management.
  • Create a number of users with a range of privileges, 1 to 5 levels of authorization for financial transactions (initiation, validation and authorization).
  • Automated fund and cash transfer between your defined accounts.
  • View reports that cover all transactions performed in your accounts.
  • Alerts by receiving SMS messages via your mobile phone for transactions that concern your accounts.
  • Soft / hard Token Devices use sophisticated encryptions to ensure that all transactions made through Al Rajhi Business Banking Services are completely safe and secure.
  • Sending email notifications of performed transactions to both the client & the beneficiary.

    Online Banking with Al Rajhi Business:

    • Statements of Company Accounts.
    • Point of Sale’s statements.
    • Increase your daily limit for payments, transfers and bills.
    • Credit Cards statements.
    • Activate or stop your credit card.
    • Between the company’s internal accounts within Al Rajhi Bank.
    • Instant Transfers (SARIE).
    • Transfer to beneficiaries within Al Rajhi Bank accounts, local banks & international banks.
    • Create and manage standing orders.
    • Bulk Payments .
    • Make utility payments.
    • Government payments
    • Aramco Payments