Eirad Product For Micro & Small Business

Eirad Product For Micro & Small Business

Eirad Product

alrajhi Bank provides Real Estate Financing (Eirad) that support MSB customers to obtain financing against mortgage of investment property.

The product has two variants:

Acquisition of Property

It targets clients who wish to purchase income-generating investment properties.

Equity Release

Clients who own investment property that generate income and wish to mortgage them in exchange for financing. 

Finance Features:

  1. Finance amount up to SAR 20MM.
  2. Finance tenure starting from 12 months up to 240 months.
  3. Providing liquidity to the customer by financing future property revenues.
  4. Equal repayment Installments.
  5. Profit rate as low as *6.5%

alrajhi bank is controlled and supervised by SAMA


  1. Application Form.
  2. Copy of National ID for owner/s.
  3. Copy of Commercial Registration.
  4. There should be no defaults in the credit reports on the institution and the owner / owners / guarantors.
  5. All lease contracts are required to be registered with the National Housing Company's rental network.
  6. how to apply

    1. Contact us on 920018799.
    2. Apply now by filling out the form and we will contact you by our staff and assist you in completing your application.
    3. Visit your nearest branch and our Branch representative will answer all your queries and assist you with your request.

    The Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

Example of The Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

Asset Type Finance Amount Maturity in Years APR % Monthly Installment
EIRAD Finance for Micro and Small Businesses 1,000,000 SAR 5 years 13.31%  66.250.00 SAR
EIRAD Finance for Micro and Small Businesses 2,000,000 SAR 5 years 12.90%  85,000.00 SAR
EIRAD Finance for Micro and Small Businesses 5,000,000 SAR 20 years 12.76%  325,000.00 SAR

*APR may differ depending on the amount, management fees, and the maturity period different from above and subject to each customer.

*Any information or rates mentioned are for example only. All product and service delivery is subject to the credit policies of alrajhi bank.