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Property Insurance

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Property Insurance

Insure your property against physical loss and/or loss of income. Select from the wide selection of insurance covers that offers you the flexibility and convenience of choosing protection for your company’s unique risk profile.

  1. Shariah compliant
  2. Flexibility to buy insurance cover for your unique risks

Key Risks Covered:

  1. Fire
  2. Smoke
  3. Damage from internal or external source
  4. Explosion
  5. Theft


Property All Risk:

  1. Covers any physical loss, destruction or damage to buildings and fixed assets
  2. Comprehensive insurance policy that also includes fire and allied peril
  3. Covers fixed productive assets, factories, power plants, buildings, offices, machinery, equipment, materials, warehouse, premises, etc

Business Interruption:

  1. Covers the income lost in the event where business is halted due to direct physical loss or damage

Fire & Allied Perils:

  1. Covers the event of a fire and/or allied perils affecting the business

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