Brief Description:

Cash backed guarantee is a written undertaking issued by the bank against 100% cash margin or collateral amount deposited by clients, it’s payable at the firs call or demand received from the beneficiary during the guarantee validity period.

  • Alrajhi eCorp platform  or Alrajhi business app
  • Through trade operation centers - Trade Desk
  • Business Solution Centers (BSOs) Branches
  • Calling 920004550
  • Benefits:

    1. Excellent Turnaround time (Issue within 1 hour)
    2. Incomparable Reach (Print LG in over 100 business solution offices apart from Riyadh, Jeddah & Khobar)
    3. Online issuance of LGs through eCorp

    *Terms and Conditions apply

    General Conditions:

    1. The offer is valid on (100 % Cash Margin LGs) only.
    2. Third party should be a ARB client.
    3. Fixed Tenor (NOT open ended)