Transfer your salary with one of your family members and enjoy the premium services of Affluent and Diamond Affluent Accounts  

Al Rajhi Bank brings you a chance to experience Premium banking benefits with a member of your family. Enjoy exclusive benefits when you and member of your family transfer salaries to Al Rajhi bank and become Affluent or Diamond customer  

Why join the Affluent or Diamond Affluent Account?

Al Rajhi bank brings exclusive benefits for its affluent and diamond affluent account members. To explore the full benefits, please click here

Who is a family member?

You can participate with any immediate family member. This can include your spouse, parents, siblings and children. 


  1. In order to participate in the offer, both you and your family member must transfer salaries to Al Rajhi bank
  2. Combined salaries should be at least SAR 30k to upgrade to Affluent segment
  3. Combined salaries should be at least SAR 60k to upgrade to Diamond segment
  4. Minimum salary for the applicant must be SAR 10k per month
  5. Upon meeting above criteria, you and your family members’ segment will be upgraded to Affluent/Diamond for 6 months. To maintain this status after 6 months, following conditions must be met by both family members:

1. Obtaining one of bank asset product (credit card, personal finance, auto loan or mortgage)

2. Assets Under Management with Al Rajhi Capital of SAR 50k for Affluent segment and SAR 150k for Diamond segment

Post 6 months review, if any one of the family members do not meet above conditions, then the customer segment will be downgraded based on the individual’s actual salary level  


Visit your nearest branch for further details