You have to download the application “LoungeKey” from App Store or Google Play and register by entering your credit card number, show your credit card to the lounge reception and mention “Lounge Key” to be able to enter.

Download App: Google Play \ App Store

Your eligibility for entry will be free and renewable every year once you met the eligible condition. Based on the schedule below:

Eligibility* Infinite Credit Infinite mada Signature SELECTIVE Credit Signature mada Travel Plus
If you didn’t spend 1USD 2 Free entries for the cardholder Or Free entry for 2 Guest only 1 time 1 Free entry for the Cardholder
Spend 1USD Unlimited entries for the Cardholder and 1 Guest 10 Free entries for the Cardholder Or 5 Free entries for 2 Guest 11 Free entries for the Cardholder 7 Free entries for the Cardholder 11 Free entries for the Cardholder
The condition will be eligible once you spend 1USD (3.75 SAR) yearly through POS OR Website purchases outside the kingdom, provided that it may take up to 15 days for such transaction to become visible in lounges systems. Any entries after exceeding the eligibility entry will cost the customer (32 USD) for one person in one visit. Your free entries will be renewed on every 1 January of each year.