Private Pension Plan

Private Pension Plan

Start your private pension plan today for a secure future after retirement

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Private Pension Plan  
  1. Available in regular contribution (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual, and Annual) or Single Premium.
  2. Quick & fair claims
  3. Shariah Complaint


It’s a savings plan that aims to increase your retirement income based on your needs, as it’s considered the best and most modern way for better future after retirement

Duration: starting from 10 years

Monthly contribution starting with SR. 1,000 up to SR. 80,000.

Cancellation fees dose not apply after the third years

Insurance coverage amount: starts from 50 thousand riyals

Investment fund type*:

AlRajhi Multi Asset Conservative Fund - 3% average  return

AlRajhi Multi Asset Balanced Fund - 5% average  return

AlRajhi Multi Asset Growth Fund - 7% average  return


  1. Enjoy additonal income post-retirment for specific and selected period
  2. Maintain the lifestyle that you deserve even after retirement.
  3. Access to professionally managed investment funds.

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