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Exclusive 600K mokafaa points on mortgage off-plan via mobile app

Now you can get 600,000 mokafaa points when you buy an off-plan mortgage via the alrajhi bank mobile app! 600,000 mokafaa points that can be redeemed for items to furnish your new home.

What is mokafaa loyalty program?

mokafaa is even more rewarding now with giveaways up to 600K points! It is a loyalty program that allows you to earn points across your bank product portfolio! mokafaa points can be redeemed in store or online with leading brands, converted to Alfursan Miles, or transferred to your friends, family or charity

How to know if I am eligible for the 600K points or not?

You will automatically receive 600,000 mokafaa loyalty welcome points after signing your digital ARB off plan mortgage contract on or after the 8 June, 2023. Please refer to the conditions below to check your eligibility for ARB mortgage products:

  1. The applicant must be a Saudi National
  2. Salary transfer and non-salary are both acceptable
  3. The applicant must be employed by one of the approved employers by the bank or retired
  4. Minimum salary SAR 3,000
  5. The points will be credited after 10 days of signing the contract

How do I enroll in mokafaa?

You can simply log-into ARB Mubashir app and navigate to mokafaa section to view and enroll in the program using the same credentials

What is meant by ARP?

It is the discount rate at which the present value of all payments and instalments that are due from the Borrower, representing the Total Amount Payable by the Borrower

How are early payment charges calculated?

Customers have to pay theprofit amount of future 3 instalments

How much is 600K points worth in SAR?

SAR 2,400

Points Mortgage Products
600,000 Mortgage Off-Plan Murabaha Single Disbursement only-Digital channels
120,000 Property Power 3rd Party -Digital channels
100,000< Real Estate –Murabah (physical)
100,000 PROPERTY POWER (physical)
100,000 Property Power 3rd Party (physical)
100,000 MORTGAGE REFINANCING  (physical)

Visit mokafaa loyalty program and explore a world of rewards!

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