Offer Details

x2 mokafaa points & AlFursan miles offer

With alrajhi bank credit cards.. Get x2 mokafaa points & AlFursan miles on your international purchases.

Period of Promotion:

From 23 February until 2 March 2024

Terms & Conditions

  1. Offer includes alrajhi bank Credit cards through which mokafaa points are earned and AlFursan miles are collected and excludes Travel Plus and Cashback Plus credit cards.
  2. To be eligible customer must make an accumulative purchase amount of SAR 1000 or more during the campaign period.
  3. This offer applies on the international purchases made using the eligible cards through point of sale or Apple Pay and excludes e-commerce transactions.
  4. Any transaction before and after the expiry of the promotion period will not be considered for additional mokafaa points or AlFursan miles.
  5. Any e-wallet load will be excluded from being considered within the spends.
  6. Cash withdrawals, funds transfer to current account, financial services will not be considered or transactions that have been refunded or canceled.
  7. Customer must be a registered member of mokafaa program before the expiry of the promotion date and at the time of points credit.
  8. Eligible customers will receive x2 mokafaa points & x2 AlFursan miles within 30 days of the promotion expiry.
  9. The card must be active and without any overdue to qualify for the extra points or miles.
  10. alrajhi bank cards, mokafaa and AlFursan program T&Cs apply.

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