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Get Up to 776,000 Mokfaa points with the saving & protection!

Invest in your future! Subscribe to saving & protection program through the app and get up to 236,000 welcome Mokafaa points and up to 45,000 Mokafaa Points monthly.

mokafaa loyalty points will be earned as per the table below:

 saving & protection– Standard Packages 
Monthly Premium (SAR)  300 500  1,000   3,000
Welcome Mokafaa Points 23,000 points  39,000 points  78,000 points 236,000 points
Monthly Mokafaa Points 4,500 points  7,000 points  15,000 points 45,000 points
Total Mokafaa Points Rewarded 77,000 points  123,000 points 258,000 points 776,000 points

What is saving & protection?

saving & protection is a sharia compliant product that helps individuals save with monthly subscriptions starting from just 300 SAR, with an investment plan to grow your capital during the chosen tenure. Choose your desired package for 10, 15 or 20 Years In the event of death, God forbid, Al Rajhi Takaful Company will pay the agreed protection amount or the investment amount (whichever is higher) in the personal program, however in the kids’ program Al Rajhi Takaful Company will pay all upcoming premiums till the end of contract.  

Product features:

  1. Flexibility to change all terms of the contract at any time
  2. Changing the subscription value, whether by increase or decrease
  3. Change the protection amount, whether increase or decrease
  4. Changing the type of investment
  5. Change beneficiaries
  6. Partial withdrawal from the investment account of the personal program after 3 years
  7. The ability to add an additional amount to the investment account and withdraw it at any time

Terms and conditions

  1. The campaign starts on 30-11-2023. and ends on 31-12-2023.
  2. When the client subscribes in any package of saving & protection program through the ARB app during the campaign period, he will be eligible to win two types of Mokafaa points:

Welcome Points:

Mokafaa points will be added after 30 days elapsed since the end of policy issuance month.

Example: If the client subscribed and issued his saving & protection policy on 10 December 2023, Mokafaa deserved points will be added on 30 January 2024.

Monthly Points

with the collected premiums of the policy first year deserved premiums; Mokafaa points will be added after 30 days elapsed since the end of collected monthly premium month.

Example: If the monthly premium is collected on 15 March 2024, Mokafaa deserved points will be added on 30 April 2024.


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