Offer Details

SOUM Offer

mokafaa program offers you to earn welcome points by ordering from the SOUM website/App.

Period of Promotion:

Offer starts on the 14th of Feb and valid until 5th of March 2024.

Earn process:

  1. Visit SOUM website/App.
  2. Earn 10,000 welcome mokafaa points (for new customer only).
  3. New Customer is someone who registers as a member on SOUM Website/App on or after 14th Feb 2024.
  4. Welcome points are granted to the new customer after he makes a purchase on the SOUM Website /app within the campaign period.
  5. Welcome points are granted only once (even if multiple transactions are made).
  6. Points will be rewarded against the registered mobile number with SOUM Website/App.
  7. The mobile number must be the same as registered mobile number with mokafaa program.
  8. You must be an enrolled customer in mokafaa program before registering on SOUM Website/App and making the transaction.
  9. Points will be added after 30 days of campaign end period.
  10. Any new customer registration and transaction conducted after the 5th of March 2024 will not be eligible for welcome points.

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