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Off-plan is one of the home finance solutions that enable you to benefit from Sakani and REDF programs to own a housing unit under construction.


  1. Offered to all benefit from Sakani and REDF programs.
  2. Finance tenor up to 35 years )25 years for Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing/REDF beneficiaries).
  3. Financing up to the age of 75 years post retirement.
  4. Principal deferment for up to 36 months for Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing/REDF beneficiaries.
  5. Attractive and Fixed profit margin through entire tenor.
  6. Sharia compliant.
  7. Competitive APR starting from 4.24%.
  8. Possibility of flexible installment.


  1. Saudi Nationals.
  2. Approved employers by the bank.
  3. Minimum monthly salary of SAR 3,000.
  4. Salary transfer is not mandatory.
  5. Offer valid while units last.

Sophisticated Smart Home System from LifeSmart. The system comes with a 7-inch High definition touch screen that can control the house with touches, as well as controlling the house through the mobile APP and receiving notifications.

The system includes:

  1. Smart Outdoor Intercom with camera to view and communicate with person on the door through the APP/7-inch Indoor screen.
  2. Smart Door Lock that supports, fingerprint, keypad for setting access code and temporary access code for guests. Door can be opened through the APP/7-inch screen.
  3. Controlling the air conditioning by switching on/off and changing temperature remotely while away from home through the mobile APP, or thorough through the indoor 7-inch screen.
  4. Off-plan is one of the home finance solutions that enable you to benefit from Sakani and REDF programs to own a housing unit under construction.

for more information please visit Dor real state website.

How to apply?

  1. Please visit your nearest Al Rajhi Bank branch.
  2. Call us at 8001241222.
  3. Contacting the Sales representatives at the Sales Centre in the Project.
  4. Apply Now
  5. Finance Calculator

alrajhi bank is controlled and supervised by SAMA.

Terms & Conditions of alrajhi bank apply

Disclosure of APR on Financing and Saving

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

It is the discount rate at which the present value of all payments and installments that are due from the Borrower, representing the Total Amount Payable by the Borrower, equals the present value of all payments of the Amount of Financing available to the Borrower on the date on which the Financing amount or the first payment thereof is available to the Borrower.

This is defined as per Article 81 of Implementing Regulations of the Finance Companies Control Law. In simple terms, APR is computed by adding all the upfront fees, charges and commissions charged from the customers and calculated on an annualized basis.

The APR must be calculated and expressed in percentage points with a minimum of two basis points, rounding half basis points to the nearest full basis points.

Early Settlement Installment Payment Type**  Tenor APR* Fixed or Variable Rate Loan to Value Property Value
3 Month Future Profit 4,958.33 Principal / Profit 10 Years 3.62% Fixed 90% 500,000
5,604.17 15 Years 4.23% 750,000
6,325.00 20 Years 4.59% 1,000,000

*APR may differ depending on the amount and the maturity period different from above and subject to credit scoring of each customer

Loan/Finance Amount :

The amount of, on balance sheet loan granted to the customer.

Maturity In Years:

The contractual maturity of the on-balance sheet Loans/ Financing Products given to the customer. This is the final payment date of a Loan/Finance products at which point the principal (and all remaining interest/profit) is due to be paid.

Monthly Payment Amount:

Installment amount the customer is obliged to pay to the bank or finance company each month until the debt is fully repaid.

Property Market Value:

Price negotiated between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm’s length transaction after fulfilling valuation criteria set by the banks . The value may not be the current listing price or the amount of the most recent offer on the property.

Loan to Value Ratio:

Ratio of a loan provided by the Bank or Finance Company to the value of property purchased and determined as property market value.

Payment type:

Interest only payment or , both principle and interest payment or else.

Early Payment Charge:

A fee customer will be required to pay to a lender if the customer pays off a mortgage early and before the scheduled maturity term of the credit facility , also sometimes referred to as a Redemption Penalty

for more information please visit Dor real state website.

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