Offer Details

Cashback Plus Credit Card Offer

Apply for the alrajhi bank cashback plus credit card and enjoy a SAR 450 welcome bonus when you spend SAR 8,000 within 30 days from the date of issuance. Earn up to 10% cashback on your purchases with a maximum of SAR 500 per month.

Period of Promotion:

From 1 November 2022 till 31 December 2022

Terms & Conditions

  1. Offer valid on full price merchandise.
  2. The offer is applicable for new cashback plus credit card applying customers during the promotion period.
  3. The minimum total purchases amount is SAR 8,000 in the first 30 days from the card issuance date to take advantage of the promotion .
  4. Cash withdrawals, funds transfer to current account or electronic wallets and reversals of POS/e-commerce spends will not be considered towards spend target achievement or transactions that have been refunded or canceled.
  5. Welcome bonus will be credited to the card’s cashback wallet account for qualifying customers within 30 days after the completion of 30 days spend target timeline.
  6. The Credit Card must be active and without any overdue to qualify for the cashback after the completion of the promotion period
  7. The customer is entitled to benefit only once from the welcome bonus offer on the credit card issuance during the offer period
  8. Terms and conditions of alrajhi bank cashback plus credit card apply


    How to be eligible for welcome bonus campaign?

    Get the card during the offer period between 1 November 2022 till 31st December

    Meet the spend target with total purchase value is 8,000 riyals within 30 days from the date of issuance

    Will I be eligible for welcome bonus offer if my card issued before the offer date?

    No, the welcome bonus offer will be for new customers and cards issued during the promotion period only. Welcome Bonus will only be offered once to a customer.

    Will I be eligible for welcome bonus if I cancel my Cashback Plus card and apply again?


    Can I get the basic 10% cashback on the card plus the welcome bonus of 450 riyals?

    Yes, you can get up to 10% cashback on your everyday spending (as per product terms and conditions) in addition to welcome bonus of 450 riyals

    Is there any transaction that will not be eligible for the Welcome Bonus?

    Welcome bonus will not include payments, cash withdrawals, current account transfers, electronic wallet transfers, or operations that have been recovered or canceled.

    Will Reversed/Refunded or Canceled Transactions Affect the Welcome Bonus?

    Each reversed/refunded transaction for the eligible transaction of welcome bonus it will be subtracted from cashback wallet.

    What is alrajhi bank cashback plus credit card?

    A Revolving credit card allows you to receive up to 10% cash back on your daily spending.

    How do I apply?

    1. alrajhi bank application.

    2. calling us 8001241222

    3. alrajhi bank branches.

    What is the eligibility criteria for Cashback Plus Credit Card?

    • Current Account holder

    • Salary Transfer

    Is there any minimum spend to start earning cashback?

    There is no minimum spend required to earn cashback.

    Is there any cashback cap on my primary and supplementary card?

    The monthly cap will be SAR 500 across all cashback cards based on customer CIC.

    What is the minimum cashback amount that can be redeemed?

    SAR 50 is the minimum amount to be redeemed to your card.

    How can I receive my cashback Welcome Bonus?

    The cashback will be automatically added to your cashback wallet once the eligible transaction is posted and settled by merchant. You can log on alrajhi mobile app to view your cashback balance.

    How can I redeem my cashback?

    You can redeem your cashback amount through mobile app instantly and cashback will be credited in your cashback credit card account.

    Is there any expiration for my cashback balance?

    Cashback validity is 24 months from the date of acquisition.

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