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Salary Transfer Offer

 transfer your salary to ARB and you will receive segments upgrade and loyalty points up to 600,000 points.

Benefits and Features

Features Salary Amount
 40,000 SAR or more Monthly
mokafaa’ points for 12 Months 600,000 150,000 Every 3 Months
Diamond Affluent Upgrade  Yes
Safe box deposit  Free For one year


Requirement and Eligibility 

  1. Transfer salary during the campaign period (15 May – 31 Aug 2023).
  2. Salary equal or greater that 40,000 SAR.
  3. Only targeted customers.

To avail this exclusive offer

  1. Terms and conditions must be accepted before 15 August 2023 
  2. Salary must be credited to Al Rajhi Bank account before 31 August 2023
  3. Once T&C's have been accepted and salary has been credited during the specified period, you will automatically avail this offer

    Click here to accept T&C’s and apply 


  1. No fees required to create current account.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer can avail offer only one time during the campaign.
  2. Offer applies for the targeted retail customer list only who received the offer via SMS.
  3. Salary transfer period to receive the offer from 15 May to 31 Aug 2023.
  4. Non-Salary transfer customer is the customer whom did not receive their salary in ARB accounts for the last 3 months prior to the offer starting date.
  5. Customer must accept T&C via ARB website.
  6. Customer must register for mokafaa program if s/he is not registered already and accept T&C via ARB website.
  7. Segment upgrading to Diamond Affluent and waiving infinite credit cards issuance and renewal fees are applicable to customers with salaries equal to 40,000 SAR or more deposited in the bank account for more details.
  8. Customers with deposited salaries 40,000 SAR or more for each month for one year are eligible for 600,000 mokafaa points.
  9. Customer will earn 50,000 points for each deposited salary 40,000 SAR and above deposited in the account.
  10. Mokafaa points will be credited every 3 months upon depositing the customer monthly salary, and only salary deposited months will be counted.
  11. Offer will be fulfilled maximum 90 working days from depositing the first salary.
  12. In case the customer salary was below requirement for two consecutive months, the bank is entitled to exclude the customer from the offer.
  13. Customer must issue one of the ARB cards (prepaid or credit) to be eligible for mokafaa points.
  14. Buyout customers must transfer salary at least 40,000 SAR to be eligible for mokafaa points and segment upgrade.
  15. National ID should match the ID linked to the account
  16. In case the customer salary was not deposited for two consecutive months, the bank is entitled to exclude the customer from the offer.

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