Offer Details

gamers prepaid card offer

with gamers prepaid card …

  1. get 25% cashback when using your gamers card for online gaming purchases
  2. 10% discount at alrajhi bank marketplace app on Gaming category, up to SAR 25
  3. the chance to win SAR 2,500 on your card, valid for the 25 Top spenders who spend on electronic gaming platforms

Period of Promotion:

Offer is valid from 10 to 25 November 2023

Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer is applicable to alrajhi bank prepaid gamers card.
  2. 25% Cashback rewards will only apply to all online spends on gaming platforms and alrajhi bank gaming marketplace spends during the promotion period according to the bank and international payment schemes definition.
  3. Cashback is capped at SAR 50 per customer.
  4. Spends would be taken at a customer level (including all eligible transactions)
  5. 10% discount offer is capped to SAR 25 in alrajhi bank marketplace app on gaming category.
  6. The 25% Cashback will be credited to customer’s card within 30 days after the completion of the promotion period.
  7. Cash withdrawals, funds transfer to current account and reversals of POS/e-commerce spends will not be considered towards spend target achievement or transactions that have been refunded or canceled.
  8. The card must be active to qualify for the cashback & win SAR 2,500.
  9. alrajhi bank Cards terms and conditions apply

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