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Please follow these steps to subscribe to Phone Banking and take advantage of the benefits:

  1. Call 966920003344+ for regular customers and for excellence 8001248880 through the mobile registered with the bank.
  2. After listening to the welcome message from the IVR and before entering the phone service.
  3. Select the number (1) Arabic + (0) to return to the main menu Select the number (3) to register in Phone Banking or Notification Service (+) 1 to register in Phone Banking.

IVR System The customer will be asked to add the data to complete the registration process:

  1. Add the ATM card number (the card status must be active in the system and not expired).
  2. Add the ATM card PIN (must not be less than 24 hours since the change of PIN in case the customer changes it).
  3. Add the last 7 digits of the current account (the account must be active, and the same account to which the ATM card is linked).
  4. Add a PIN for the phone banking service and confirm the PIN (attached to you the terms of the PIN).
  5. After adding all the previous data correctly, the customer will be able to complete the registration.

Phone Banking PIN Conditions:

  1. It should consist of 4 digits.
  2. It should not be identical to the ATM card PIN.
  3. It should not be sequential, similar or starting with a zero number.
  4. The number should not be the date of a Gregorian or Hijri year.
  5. The PIN should not be among the last five passwords used by the customer for the phone banking service when re-registering.

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