Al Rajhi Bank launches corporate business solution offices in 30 branches across the Kingdom

Al Rajhi Bank launched corporate business solution offices offering services, products and banking solutions to corporate banking customers in approximately 30 chosen branches across the Kingdom, with an aim to reach 40 offices before the end of the first quarter of the current year.

A specialized team of corporate banking representatives will join each office to provide special support to SMEs in order to help grow their business through this new channel, which will cover more areas inside the Kingdom.

These offices will offer all business-related products and services, and most importantly financial and non-financial banking operations, issuance of guarantees and credit as well as cash management products such as salary transfer, protection of wages, money transfers, points of sale, and direct debit.

This chain of corporate business solution offices aims to meet the needs of the bank’s customers known for their fast, dynamic and highly productive business approach, as part of the bank’s continuous efforts to achieve its goal and become the “Bank of the Future”.

Al Rajhi Bank seeks to offer an added service to the business sector; one that meets all banking needs under one roof, and that represents, in its entirety, the ideal solution for every establishment looking for business success; by way of relying on Al Rajhi Bank as a primary choice in terms of what these corporate business solution offices have to offer to companies, from advanced services and unique products, to electronic channels and integrated digital channels, the bank is known for.