Al-Rajhi employees contribute to covering the costs of dialysis for 50 patients through the “WAQFY” platform

The employees of Al Rajhi Bank contributed to covering the costs of dialysis for patients presenting their case through the "WAQFY" platform which is affiliated with the General Authority for AWQAF. The main purpose of the platform is to stimulate community participation and achieve financial sustainability for the non-profit sector.

This contribution helps provide hemodialysis service to 50 beneficiaries of the Prince Fahd bin Salman Charitable Society for the Care of Kidney Failure Patients “Kelana” with a total amount of 70 thousand riyals.

The bank's management thanked and appreciated Al Rajhi Bank’s employees for their sense of social responsibility and their quick interaction with the platform’s campaign. The campaign encompassed the participation of a wide range of employees of all levels who covered the assigned initiative in record time.

The WAQFY platform of the General Authority for AWQAF aims to stimulate community participation and achieve the financial sustainability of the non-profit sector. The platform also looks to provide the opportunity of partially or completely contributing to supporting and financing projects in digital form through safe payment options.

The WAQFY platform aims to enhance community participation by supporting several areas such as donations, development programs, relief projects, pilgrimage projects and educational projects. The mentioned areas are supported through presenting endowment packs along with product development and projects for non-profit entities, to enable various social groups and donors to contribute to the development along with its needs and priorities.