alrajhi bank signs a real estate cooperation agreement with Makkiyoon

In a move aimed to ensure easy and flexible options for Makkiyoon customers, an agreement was signed between the bank and the company in order to provide facilities and competitive offers, facilitating its customers’ access to adequate housing in the Sama Jeddah project until the end of the current year 2021. In turn, customers of Al Rajhi Bank will receive a 10 thousand riyal cashback.

The Sama Jeddah project is located in a distinct area north of Jeddah. The project consists of 34 residential buildings that contain different models of units and is known for having the lowest population density to suit the needs of the Saudi family.

Sama Jeddah is one of the components of the Khayala residential project, which is being developed by the National Housing Company as a continuation of housing projects with modern designs and integrated services. The project includes commercial centers, security and entertainment services, mosques, green spaces, and health centers.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of MakkiyoonCompany, Dr. Magdi Muhammad Hariri, expressed his excitement to cooperate with Al-Rajhi Bank, as part of the company's endeavor to strengthen partnership with the banking sector and aid citizens to own their first home through appropriate financing.

General Manager of the Retail Banking Group, Mr. Majid Saleh Al-Rajhi, said, "At Al-Rajhi Bank, we always strive to be proactive in providing easy financing solutions to our customers, and we aspire to continue our fruitful relationship with MakkiyoonCompany and more joint cooperation to achieve the common housing goals."

Also please double check the company name’s spelling: the company was spelled Makkiyoon on its website, but also used “McKeon” and “Makion” in some of their articles so I wasn’t sure which one was correct.