Al Rajhi Bank contributes to raising financial awareness in universities

This past year, Al Rajhi Bank organized an awareness campaign titled “Financial Awareness and the Culture of Saving” through fraud management at the bank in collaboration with a number of universities in Riyadh. The awareness campaign was launched this October and implemented to cover a number of universities by the end of the month, God willing, including Al-Yamamah University, Al-Imam University and King Saud University.

This campaign comes as a result of the bank’s involvement in raising financial awareness in the community; while highlighting the risks that the bank’s customers could encounter through ongoing fraud via social media platforms, therefore amounting to serious consequences, should account holders interact in good faith with these scams, whether through direct transfer or the publication of personal data.

It is important to note that Al Rajhi Bank has held this campaign for three years in a row, with the belief in its role to adopt such activities and participate in awareness programs that contribute, God willing, to reducing risks. The bank organized this same campaign for the past two years in a large number of middle schools and high schools, reaching more than thirty in total. Al Rajhi Bank also ensured the participation of its employees, urging them to volunteer in various social causes and awareness campaigns, to strengthen the relationship between its employees and the community on the one hand, and that of the bank with its employees and community. ​​