Al Rajhi Bank employees volunteer in the “Green Tomorrow” program in Makkah


Al Rajhi Bank employees volunteered in the afforestation of Ain Jaloot Secondary School for Boys in Makkah as part of the “Green Tomorrow” program, one of the bank’s corporate social responsibility initiatives and volunteer work, in support of the environmental pathway.

The “Green Tomorrow” program, launched by the bank three years ago, aims to forest gardens, schools and sites as well as care for plants by involving students in all stages of the program to raise awareness on the importance of safeguarding the environment. The bank ensured the participation of its employees in order to encourage the spirit of giving and achieve one of the goals of the Saudi Vision to increase the number of volunteer work and volunteers in the community. ,/p>

The “Green Tomorrow” program was launched in January of this year and stretches out until the end of December 2019, across seven cities around the Kingdom. The bank coordinated with the schools to contribute to the afforestation process and the involvement of students, both girls and boys, as well as volunteering bodies for the execution of the initiative, which positively received from governmental bodies and those interested in environmental and social affairs.

Volunteers in Makkah, expressed their happiness towards the bank’s initiative and their participation, which enhance the importance of preserving the environment and contribute to environmental awareness, specifically among children. ​