The Bank and the Adeid Association agree to supervise the "alrajhi bank Program for Educational Orphans Care"

To monitor the progress of the Kingdom's largest educational and social initiative

Alrajhi bank has signed an agreement with the Adeid association under which the association will fully supervise the implementation and follow-up of the "Alrajhi bank Program for Educational Orphans Care." The plan will include using the most recent scientific methods to assist students of both sexes in completing their university studies based solely on labor market requirements.

The agreement was signed in the General Administration Tower of the Bank in Riyadh by the General Manager of Marketing and Customer Experience at Alrajhi bank, Mr. Turki AlDhafyan, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Adeid, Dr. Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al Fayez, in the presence of a number of officials from both sides.

Adeid will assist male and female program students in selecting a specialization that matches their scientific abilities and professional interests. The association will then follow up on their enrollment in the appropriate specializations for them, as well as their academic achievement and academic guidance until they graduate.

Alrajhi bank had previously signed an agreement for the "Alrajhi bank Program for Educational Orphans Care" with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, represented by the Agency for Rehabilitation and Social Guidance. According to the agreement, the bank will ensure that the program's beneficiaries are enrolled in the best private universities in the Kingdom for the bachelor's level and will pay the tuition fees for all orphans with special circumstances in the Kingdom who have been denied admission to public universities.

The "Alrajhi bank Program for Educational Orphans Care" is the Kingdom's largest social and educational initiative in this category, as it will include all orphans with special circumstances in the Kingdom and is considered one of the bank's major social responsibility programs. This initiative focuses on sustainability and the application of the highest governance standards as the bank focuses on the health and education sectors as they are among the pillars of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and their direct contact with various segments of society.

The initiative with this program comes in support of the charitable work process, which is receiving a lot of attention from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and His Highness the Crown Prince of the Secretary, may God preserve them, as the charitable sector saw the launch of a lot of charitable and community initiatives that made a big impact.

It is worth noting that the Adeid association is a civil society organization licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development that specializes in designing, building, and implementing initiatives and programs for the professional maturity of high school students and graduates. The main goal is to enable them to choose their educational and professional path to achieve an optimal future by discovering themselves and then exploring appropriate scientific and professional paths and opportunities.

The Adeid association helps individuals improve their future by allowing them to choose scientific and professional specializations that match their abilities, desires, and the needs of their local communities, thereby achieving their practical, social, and material goals. At the same time, society achieves self-sufficiency in human capabilities.

The organization is founded on a group of academic guidance specialists who have extensive experience motivating students toward education, work, and talent exploration. They also contribute to the provision of a variety of services and development programs that have the greatest impact on students' futures, beginning with the application of professional standards, self-discovery, and assistance in determining the career path and ending with career planning.