On the occasion of White Cane Safety Day Al Rajhi Bank employees volunteer in the “We Can See You With Our Hearts” initiative

As part of this year's social responsibility initiatives, Al Rajhi Bank implemented on the White Cane Safety Day, which takes place on October 15 of each year, the initiative, "We Can See You With Our Hearts" initiative.

The initiative was implemented in 3 cities, Riyadh, Jeddah and Qassim, and the employees of those bank’s branches participated. They volunteered to visit the blind and get to know them. The bank’s employees tried the Dine in the Dark restaurant and the blind participated in this experience. At the end of the program, roses and gifts were distributed and reassurances were given to them.

This initiative is an extension of the bank's efforts to support diverse and effective community programs and activities, and to increase cooperation and solidarity in business that serve the public interest. This initiative is one of the many programs that have been adopted throughout the year to serve most segments of society in all regions in the Kingdom.

The volunteers expressed their happiness with this participation, as it enhances their relationship with the community and highlights the bank's social responsibility role.

One of the volunteers during the experiment

The world celebrates the White Cane every year on October 15, which is considered the symbol of the blind. This day aims to increase society's awareness and educate it about the need for the blind to use the white cane that represents their independence and self-reliance.