Al Mubasher eCorporate

“Al Mubasher eCorporate" is an online service designed for corporate customers to perform banking transactions through the Internet. Customers can conduct their banking transactions easily and safely, 24 hours a day, from any location.

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Features and Benefits

  • Company user management through the administrator tool
  • Create a number of users with a range of privileges
  • Three levels of authorization for financial transactions (initiation, validation and authorization)

The ”Al Mubasher eCorporate” service allows for the following operations:

Current Account

  • Obtain statements of accounts with the ability to save them on your PC
  • Point of Sale’s statements
  • Request or stop cheques

Credit Cards

  • Get statements
  • Perform advanced payments
  • Increase your credit limit
  • Activate or stop your card


  • Between the company’s own accounts within Al Rajhi Bank
  • To beneficiaries with Al Rajhi Bank accounts
  • To beneficiaries with accounts at local banks
  • To beneficiaries with international banks
  • Foreign exchange rates
  • Standing order
  • Add beneficiaries


  • Make utility payments (Water, SCECO, AlJawal, Mobily, Marafeq)
  • Government payments (Visa fees, Expatriates, Traffic payments)
  • ARAMCO payments

Cash Management

  • Automated fund and cash transfer between your defined accounts
  • Maintain set target balance in subsidiary accounts
  • View reports that cover all transactions performed in your accounts


The possibility of participating, registering, transfering and selling investment funds.


Using “Al Mubasher eCorporate” you can pay your employees’ salaries easily and safely by either depositing directly into their accounts with Al Rajhi Bank or to any local bank. Our Payroll services are cost and time effective, minimizing the need for physical cheques. Employees’ salaries can be credited and transferred using ”Al Mubasher eCorporate”.

Payroll Cards

The Payroll Card is designed to handle all of your payroll requirements and is especially suitable for companies with large volumes of payroll payments. Al Rajhi Bank can issue Payroll Cards to your employees without the need to open personal current accounts. The salary can be reloaded monthly and drawn by the employees using their Al Rajhi Bank ATM cards. Payroll Cards can be loaded and managed using ”Al Mubasher eCorporate”.

Direct Debit

Is an online service that allows quick and easy collection of regular payments for a service or product to be sold in installments from the client, without having to visit the branch to pay the money owed; and the process of direct debit from the client’s account happen immediately using the "Al Mubasher eCorporate".

Dividend Distribution

Our Dividend Distribution team is proficient in coordinating your payments and organizing the distribution of dividends in ways like internal transfer, SARIE, cheques and branch counters.

Positive Pay Cheque

Is a service that is controlled via cheques issued by you, where the beneficiary will not be able to cash the cheque until it is authorized and defined by you through "Al Mubasher eCorporate".


Is a service where you receive SMS messages via your mobile phone for transactions that concern the facility's accounts.

Token Devices

Token Devices use sophisticated encryptions to ensure that all transactions made through "Al Mubasher eCorporate" are completely safe and secure.

How to Subscribe

It is very easy to apply. To find out more about our efficient service, please contact your Relationship Manager or you can reach us in the following ways:

  • Telephone (Toll Free): 800 122 8888
  • E-mail:
  • Riyadh
    • Central Region, Riyadh, NRR, Nakheel Area, Operation Building, 12384
      P.O. Box : 28 Riyadh 11411
      Tel: 011- 2116000
  • Jeddah
    • Al-Andalus Street Al-Andalus Business Center (Ex Al-Suhaili Building) – Floor11th
      Corporate Banking Group
      Cash Management Dept
  • Dammam
    • Al-Ashreah Street Al-Dossary Tower – 7th Floor
      Corporate Banking Group
      Cash Management Dept

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