Payroll Cards

Tools to help you build a better workforce

Employers as well as employees receive considerable advantages from electronic wage payment plans. As an employer you can expect increased efficiency, reduced costs, and smoother reconciliation.

  1. Convenient for your employees
  2. No need for an Al Rajhi current account
  3. Salaries can be reloaded monthly and drawn by employees using the national ATM & POS network mada.

More ways Payroll Cards add value

  • Online Employee Account Opening

    Create employee accounts and ATM Cards quickly and seamlessly using our efficient online service

  • Convenient

    Get instant access to your pay without the hassle and expense of check cashing. You can use your card wherever cards are accepted. Shop, pay bills online or get cash at ATMs

  • Electronic Transmission Files Verification

    Benefit from increased security as each electronic transmission is verified before being processed

  • Reduce Payroll Processing Tasks

    Eliminate the need for cutting checks, authorizing direct deposit payments, and many accounting activities associated with managing payments.

  • Reduce Printing Costs

    Setting up a payroll card system for all employees can significantly reduce or eliminate the cost of printing cheques, which may help you better manage your budget.

How to Apply

  • Am I Eligible

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Small businesses, establishments, Limited liability companies (LLC) and private companies

Required Documents

  • Service Agreement


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