Payroll Card


Al Rajhi Bank’s Payroll Card is designed to handle all of your payroll requirements. It is especially suitable for companies processing large volumes of payroll payments (for employees with monthly pay less than/equal to SR 3,000) Salaries can be uploaded monthly and drawn by employees using MADA network without the need of opening an account.


Key Characteristics and Benefits

  • Reduced administration work (printing checks and reports) and reconciliation activities.
  • High level of control and security.
  • Saving employees time in visiting their banking branch to cash payroll checks.
  • Reporting of payments status.
  • Process payroll payments electronically, timely and securely.
  • Auto-reconciliation and no need for paperwork.
  • Instant payroll credit feature to the employee card.
  • Ability to process the files 24/7 & during holidays.
  • Dedicated Payroll Cards app to monitor the account & perform transactions.
  • More than 1.7 million Payroll Cards throughout the Kingdom.
  • Total monthly payments of more than SAR 4 billion.
  • Largest Payroll Card base in the Kingdom.

Payroll Cards within Al Rajhi Business:

  • Instant payroll Credit to the employee payroll card.
  • Feedback reports for an easy reconciliation.