Explanatory Announcement From Al Rajhi Bank On The non-received Dividends and Deposit of the Share Certificates.

Being keen for the shareholders equities , The Bank is glad to announce for all the shareholders that a names list of the employees who have not received their dividends for the last years was included in the Bank website at the following the link below.

Each shareholder in the list should contact the Bank Custody Register  of the shareholders at:
Telephone: 011 828 2561 or 011 828 2562 or 011 828 2564​

Fax: 011 828 5860
P.O. Box 28 Riyadh 11411 
Email (contact during the duty hours from 08:00 am – 05:00 pm)

Further, the Bank is calling upon the shares certificates holders to deposit their certificates in their investment portfolios by handing over the original certificate together with a copy of the id and the investment portfolio No.  to The Securities Deposit Center ( Tadawul ): Riyadh – King Fahad Road, Tawuniya Towers – P.O. Box 60612 Riyadh 11555 or to the nearest Al Rajhi branch for the purpose of easy legal trade and deposit of any future dividends in their current accounts that are linked to the investment portfolios where the shares exist since the payment.

Click here to check shareholders list​​​​​