Abdullah Al Rajhi wins the 2007 Islamic Banker Prize

19 August 2008

Abdullah Sulaiman Al Rajhi , Al Rajhi bank Chief Executive Officer , won the Islamic Banker Prize for 2007 during an international banking prizes distribution ceremony. The ceremony was within the events of the 14th International Conference for the Islamic banks held in Manama , Bahrain.
The prize is the most long standing and significant one in the banks and Islamic finance industry. It depends on nominations by a selected group of distinguished leaders in this industry. They vote for picking the banker of initiatives and achievements.
 The prize is in recognition of achievements realized by distinguished bankers who significantly contributed to the development of the banks and Islamic finance industry during 2007.
The prize committee said that Abdullah AL Rajhi won the prize for leading a large scale institution with great contributions in this field , for making Al Rajhi bank extend to the international markets , and for supporting the institution to enter the next generation of the Islamic banks.
Samir Abdi , Head of the Islamic Financial Services in Earnest & Young said ; ‘ this prize is a culmination of exceptional efforts made by a unique person. Earnest & young is proud as it is used to participate in this prize since it was first launched “.
Mr. Adnan AlMuslim , The Investment House chief & administrative manager. Won the 2007 Banking Pioneers Prize for his outstanding contributions to the Islamic banking operations. It was given in honor of a strong leading person having strategic influence on the banks and Islamic finance operations.
The institutional excellence prize went to The Kwaiti Finance House – Bahrain in recognition of its distinction in the main performance standards
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