Al Rajhi Bank renovates and repaints 10 houses in Al-Qurayyat

07 May 2019


Al Rajhi Bank organized, for the third year in a row, a volunteering campaign to repaint and renovate a number of houses in Al-Qurayyat. This initiative is one of the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs, which is part of this year’s adopted plan to repaint and renovate houses located in 3 cities around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a goal to reach 7 cities in total by the end of the year, God willing

A group of employees at the bank volunteered to set this campaign in motion in the city of Al-Qurayyat. Employees coordinated with home owners beforehand, and visited the bank to participate in this program, in preparation of the renovation. Simple house renovations and paint jobs were done with the help of specialized organizations, taking care of the renovation and maintenance at the bank’s expense.

While the houses were being repainted, the home owners involved, expressed their joy towards the bank’s initiative, which in turn made employees aware of the importance of their participation in serving the community, and added to their need to take part in additional programs in the future with the bank.

It is also important to note that Al Rajhi Bank has organized a number of CSR programs this year, and has focused on the involvement of its employees in volunteer work, so that they can proudly share the bank’s beliefs and entrust them with the same spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration as well as introduce them to social causes. ​

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