Al Rajhi Bank board of directors has recommended a 25% cash dividend (2.5 SAR per share) for the second half of 2017

18 February 2018


The Board of Directors of Al Rajhi Bank has recommended on 18/02/2018 corresponding to 02/06/1439H the distribution of dividend to the shareholders for the period The Second Half of 2017 as following:

  • Total amount of distribution of dividend SAR 4,063 Million.
  • Number of shares eligible for dividends:1,625 million shares.
  • Dividend per share SAR 2.5.
  • Dividend represents 25% of the Face value.
  • The eligibility of dividends shall be for the shareholders registered with the company of the Depository Center (Edaa) by the end of the second trading day of the date of the General Assembly meeting which will be announced later.
  • Distribution date : It will be announced later.
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