Al Rajhi Bank implements training courses for orphans and those with special needs

11 October 2017

As part of this year’s social responsibility scheme, Al Rajhi Bank in cooperation with certified trainers from King Saud University implemented courses for orphans and those with special needs (for both men and women) in Abha, Dammam, Qassim and Jeddah. The training courses addressed several subjects relevant to today’s working market including secretarial skills, office management, media communication, archiving and marketing. On the final day of the course, volunteers from the Bank participated in these cities by handing over course completion certificates to the trainees.

Course participants reached over 1000 while men and women volunteering from the Bank exceeded 130 employees. Volunteer participation included attending the courses, interacting with trainers and trainees, and handing over course completion certificates and gifts from the bank.

This year, the Bank rolled out an integrated plan for social work based primarily on voluntary participation and activating the social role of employees. Al Rajhi Bank is keen to enhance the level of initiation, cooperation and employees integration into the community across the kingdom.

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