Al Rajhi Bank launched a Personal Re-finance for its customers

04 October 2011

Al Rajhi Bank launched the Personal Re-finance for its customers who need to fulfill additional needs or who need to benefit from an additional finance because their monthly salary has changed.

Through this solution, the customer can get the maximum finance, while taking into account his current installments. He also does not need to settle his current finance early, thus saving what he would pay for an early settlement or the fees he would pay to borrow from other parties.

This additional finance is also characterized by its unique speed. It only takes 30 minutes to get it and is available to customers with more than one finance contract with the Bank. Of course, this is only as long as the allowed salary proportion is not exceeded and the Re-finance amount is paid in 5 years.

Re-finance is open to citizens and residents, the public and semi-public sectors, and to accredited parties of the private sector.

Al Rajhi Bank is the number one bank for finance solutions in the Kingdom when it comes to the number of customers. It offers Personal Finance and Re-finance at any of its 550 male and female branches all over Saudi Arabia. Customers can also submit a first application through Phone Banking or via the Bank’s website.

The Finance Programs at Al Rajhi Bank vary. The Personal Finance Program is at the forefront and pays the installments of Saudi shares. Next in line are the Home Finance Programs, used for housing purposes or investments. Finally, the Car Finance Programs allow customers to buy a car through different plans tailored to suit all needs.

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