Honoring Al Rajhi Bank at the Saudi Corporate Social Responsibility under the Vision 2030

20 January 2019


Al Rajhi Bank was honored at the Forum of Saudi Banks and Social Responsibility under the Vision 2030, recently held at the Disabled Children’s Association in Riyadh. The event was sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), the center of Social Responsibility and the Disabled Children’s Association. Al Rajhi Bank is the first bank to offer a diversity of programs in Corporate Social Responsibility as well as volunteer hours performed by its employees in the year 2018.

The forum highlighted many events including a seminar on Saudi Banks and Social Responsibility under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a training session titled “For a Sustainable Relationship between Non-Profit and Private Sectors” in addition to a workshop about the development of financial resources for non-profit organizations and volunteer teams, through high quality community programs. The forum was attended by many with the presence of banks and associations supporting the cause.

Al Rajhi Bank took part in more than 75 volunteering initiatives in 22 cities around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the year 2018, in which a total of 2904 employees participated (2288 men and 616 women) for 14115 volunteer hours, during which 11215 hours were spent by men and 2900 by women.

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