Al Rajhi Bank Launches ‘Winter Gifts’ Campaign in 9 Regions across the Kingdom

31 October 2018


As one of its social responsibility initiatives for 2018, Al Rajhi bank has adopted the ‘Winter Gifts’ program in which gifts will be distributed amongst the needy in the winter season. The employees showed great enthusiasm for the initiative as a lot of them signed up to volunteer in packing the gifts. The packages will be then distributed in different regions of the Kingdom by the social responsibility ambassadors and Al Rajhi Bank’s employees, in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

Each winter gift includes winter necessities such as blankets, electric heaters as well as some clothing that will ease the suffering of the needy during the cold winter. By Allah’s will, the gifts will be distributed in 9 regions and cities of the Kingdom, including Jizan, the Eastern Province, Taif, Al-Madina, Al-Baha, The Northern Border, Hail, Qassim and Asir.

In an attempt to ensure the success of the program and to involve the male and female employees in this noble voluntary work, Al Rajhi Bank has coordinated with the social responsibility ambassadors in those areas to acknowledge the winter gifts and start distributing them with the bank employees. In addition, a number of charities will participate in the campaign in each city. The program has received great momentum among the employees and ambassadors who are keen on practicing their social role and be rewarded by Allah for this humanitarian work.

It’s worth mentioning that Al Rajhi Bank’s efforts in the voluntary realm is in line with the Saudi Vision 2030, which aims at reaching one million volunteers by the year 2030. These initiatives also comply with the nature of the Saudi society and its culture, which encourages cooperation and solidarity in activities that serve the public interest. The Winter Gifts campaign falls under Al Rajhi Bank’s activities of social responsibility and volunteerism in 2018, and is considered as one of the many programs adopted by the bank throughout the year to serve different segments of the society across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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