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With Travel Plus card.. 0% International Transaction Fees on all Global Currencies

Charge your card in US dollars with a fixed buy rate SAR 3.75 and shop anywhere in the world in any currency other than the primary card currencies and enjoy 0% international currency exchange fee

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Period of Promotion:

29 June 2021 – 30 September 2021

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid for new and existing Travel Plus cardholders.
  • Fixed buy rate for US Dollar 3.75 SAR.
  • Offer apply on International purchases made through the point of sale or ecommerce shopping only.
  • Offer apply when using the US dollar wallet only for international purchases in currencies other than the primary card wallets.
  • 0% foreign exchange fees, when purchasing in other than US dollars, Euro, GBP, AED and SAR and paying from the US dollar wallet.
  • In case of no sufficient balance in any of the card primary wallets the purchase transaction will be deducted from the USD wallet and a Purchase fee of 1% will apply.

    • Example of a purchase transaction in a currency not available in the card:
      A purchase of 10 Bahraini dinars (one of the currencies not available in the card) will be debited from the main wallet “US dollars” without any additional fees according to the offer submitted by the bank, and the customer will be exempted from the “2% Purchase Fees announced in the card table fees in such cases.” during the campaign period.
    • Example of a purchase transaction in one of the available currency in the card:
      A purchase of 100 AED (one of the currencies available in the card) with no balance in the card’s AED wallet, and therefore the main wallet “US dollars” will be debited and 1% purchase fees will be applied in one of the card currencies if the sufficient balance of the currency is not available.

  • The exchange rate of the currency used against the US dollar is applied according to the exchange rate of the currency on the date of the transaction.
  • AlRajhi Bank holds the right to amend or change the T&C of the campaign including the campaign duration and discretionary right on selection criteria of customers.
  • Travel Plus Card Terms & Conditions apply.